More power to you

The Stickeroid API is designed to be extremely simple to use, despite the complexity of the algorithms running under the hood.

Step by Step


Create account and Accept terms


Don't worry about your privacy

We provide a secure entrance and care about the privacy of your credentials


Save your secret key


Secret API Key should look like this

It is forbidden to use multiple developer accounts for one application


Wait for training Ai-Power

~12 days

It takes some time, but result will be amazing

We don't recommend sending false and mass-bot requests for Ai training

Simple integration

The Stickeroid API is a modern JSON API that surfaces all of the info you'll need to build any experience for your users.



URL is

c is number of output files

k is personal secret key number

w is width (manual or automatic)

h is height (manual or automatic)

s is search query

next is next of query/session[pagination]

prev is previous of query/session[pagination]

Error - wrong session

Error 666 - blocked account






"thumb": "/uploads/pic/thumb/stickeroid_59d6f58ce78ca.png",

"jpg_thumb": "/uploads/pic/thumb/stickeroid_59d6f58ce78ca.jpg",

"width": 360,

"height": 360


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