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July 07, 2019
Eric L.

Eric L.

So about Battle net and Blizzard. The reason why I had to quit World of Warcraft because I had to cheat engine and use it on people that have to and get myself banned because I don't deserve World of Warcraft In My Life. The reason I have to get myself banned because of cheat engine and everything else 'm tired of gaming former's. on my user account because everybody thinks I'm a not smart. yes my brain was small and I can't learn everything my old account was hacked by grianna. Unfortunately I gave the email in the address to that blizzard so they can hack it myself so I can probably get banned. that's the reason why I don't want to be a gay man and gay girl a lot of people said the same thing saw's are messed up their heads. So that's the reason I want to get my both account banned because I don't want to spend lots of money for listening to Article 13 frets. and yes the game Graphics was garbage but there is a way to turn down music but I can tired this game DRAM. there's a lot of people that are not quite smart and know who I am and don't know who I am but this time. Yes I do understand Time Warner Cable sucks so as the broadband internet that broadband's everything and kind of goes down everything. this is why I don't join blizzard because they suck so bad. I would not recommend spending a lot of money in monthly payment for this crap since the money drop in 2008.
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