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Kim Kardashian, Selfie, Decorate, Art
Emily Ratajkowski, Selfie, Decorate, Art
Anthony Joshua, Selfie, Decorate, Art
Willow  Smith, Selfie, Decorate, Art
Lil Pump, Selfie, Decorate, Art
Cristiano Ronaldo, Selfie, Decorate, Art
Robot Sophia, Selfie, Decorate, Art
Instagirl, Model, Selfie, Decorate, Art

We created a new way of integration that many developers have been waiting for. Make your application more interactive with Stickeroid.

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Stickeroid API for Stories

For Stories

Stickeroid API for Chat

For Chat

Stickeroid API for PhotoEditor

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Bringing your idea to life is easier with the right tools.

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Stickeroid is the API that delivers the most relevant stickers for any application, anywhere in the world. We are the preferred choice for communication products of all types.

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for next generation Apps

We help growing startups and agile enterprises enhance their customer experience and realize new business outcomes at scale. With our easy-to-use APIs, global platform, and expert support, you can abstract the complexity of communications and innovate faster.

Thousands of Stickers

Artificial intelligence is implemented in under the hood of our cloud platform, which ensures stable operation with a large volume of requests and quick work with the generated sticker in the appropriate context.

Dozens of math algorithms together with a unique dataset allow us to increase the involvement of users in chats, photo editors and stories.

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Moment of Life, Jump, Angel, Wings, Art Stickeroid API for Stories Stickeroid API for Stories Stickeroid API for Stories

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